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John Doyle

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Harlem Model Search


Hey XX,
I'm launching a a model search for girls of all colors from Harlem. Have a moment to check out our first webisode?

<<link here>>

Would love to chat if you have some time this week.

John Doyle


Dear XX,

I saw your story on the white-washed casting at this season's shows - it looks like we need to bring back the 90's supermodel in a big way. I know just the place to find her. I'm launching Harlem Model Search this year as an ongoing scouting project and web series to showcase the great diversity and personalities of this iconic American neighborhood.  

Our Goals:
-Showcase all the talent Harlem has to offer
-Provide support and feedback to all ourparticipants
- Discover a star from Harlem who can capture the attention of international fashion and beauty industry

Please take a look at our first webisode and let me know when you have a moment to chat.

<<link here>>

John Doyle


"Debut of Harlem Model Search: Episode One"

"Harlem Model Search to Bring Color and Personality back to the Runways"


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