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Hare Mark // Negative Space Mark


I feel like I kicked it up a notch on this one. The more I examine my animal mark (bottom of page), the more dissatisfied with the outcome I become. I went through a LOT of scrapped sketches with different concepts before I settled on this here walrus mark. I created a fake brand (Walrus Wetsuits) for the mark.

Gridding: Unlike the animal mark (Hare) I only gridded a few primary elements of the design to achieve perfect curves. Really just the basic outer shape, and the wave form inside. I welcome any critiques on this (please!), as this is only my second crack at a logo design and I'd really like to keep getting better.


I wanted to do rabbit/hare because it has been done a million times, and I thought it would be a good challenge to make something that didnt look like all of the other rabbit logos out there. It's also a great animal to show specific features and movement.

It took 50-60 tracings and sketches to finally arrive at some lines that felt really good and showed the movement. I'd like to do another animal in a different design style, maybe something more refined and less minimalist, but overall I'm really happy with this!

Reference image from my mood board:

This is the image before gridding:

Near the end of the gridding process below. Note that there were some lines such as the ears that I did not want to grid with circles, as to retain the specfic shape that was created.

The result of gridding (about an hour of refining work) shows an image almost identical to the pre-gridding image, with subtletees in the nose, feet, and back. 





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