Hardcore History Poster

Hardcore History is a history podcast, presented by Dan Carlin and a favourite of mine. It jumps fairly randomly throughout history and presents its subjects in an unconventional, narrative fasion. More intimiate. Less about dates and more about the story of the people, how they felt, motivations and fears etc.
My plan is to depict two of the multi-part series (they are the largest and most well-known/detailed of the podcasts). Though Hardcore History is not a military podcast per se, each of the multi-part stories naturally mention quite a lot about wars etc. And since the most striking (and well-known) imagery from any given era is likely to be its soldiers, that is what my poster will depict. Two faces, side by side, seperated by many centuries. Up close and personal. Blood and everything. This fits well with the style of the podcasts, which are very people-focusesd; all about getting inside the heads of historical figures.  The series (and thus my subjects of the poster) are as follows: the decline of the Roman republic, the Eastern Front in WW2, the Punic Wars and the Mongol conquests under Genghis Khan)
-the portraits and limited palette of Grzegorz Domaradzki (Gabz)
-the soft painterly style of Sam Weber and Ruben Ireland
-the detailed linework of John Baizley Dyer, Joshua Budich, Tyler Stout and Godmachine.




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