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Hard Work! Hard Work! Post Card

The Word:

"Hard Work"

As of the time of deciding what word will I use, I was watching a documentary about the fight of Mayweather and Pacquiao. And in the documentary, the Team of Mayweather usually says "Hard Work" during practice. That's it.

The Work:


     That and random calligraphy & hand-lettering from tumblr. :)

Initial sketches:

Final Sketch:

     During the "digitalization" of the piece, I realize that I didn't like/feel how the word "hard" looks, then I reviewed my intial sketches and when I had seen it I suddenly remember the barbershop here in Manila that is/was inspired by tattoo lettering. I guess. :)) And for the word "work", again I'm not satisfied, so tried to write my own letters and this is it:


And then I added a little bit of illustration. That's it. Thanks in advance for viewing and critiquing my work. :)

Thank you Martina Flor for sharing your process, tips, inspiration sites and etc.


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