Hard Mix Women's Portraits

Hard Mix Women's Portraits - student project

Tried a basic hard mix portrait first. Don't know that this was the best photo for the effect.

Hard Mix Women's Portraits - image 1 - student project

Then I tried to mix it with some color and other blending modes to the image.

Hard Mix Women's Portraits - image 2 - student project

I started to see some cool opportunities for things I could do with this later to get a very graphic effect. It was hard to keep enough detail in the face under certain circumstances, so that might get tricky.

Then I decided to try keeping a photo full color to see how that looks and ended up exaggerating the colors to fit with the hard mix effect.

Hard Mix Women's Portraits - image 3 - student project

I liked how this ended up with a bit of a comic book feel and I might use that more to my advantage for other projects.

I did try using some other patterns, other than the grid, but I didn't like how they felt with the photos I had. I'm excited to try to use this in some graphic projects. Thanks for the class!

Tracey Reinke
Photographer & Graphic Design Student