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Harbourside Sculpture Trail, Auckland, New Zealand




This project is about a Sculpture Trail I did this morning. Based in the marshlands of the Te Atatu Peninsula, the sculpture exhibition was very much about how people affect nature and vice versa. The kingfishers by the pond looked natural and apt standing on the cut trees. The strong steel sculpture was metallic and shiny, yet organic in shape. As I walked on the bricks installation, called Home Sweet Home, I felt soothed, and indeed realised that I had 18 years ago decided to emigrate to New Zealand because it made me feel at home.

I edited the photos in Lightroom Mobile, Snapseed and VSCO; getting used to how the different apps deliver different features. I am happy with neutral, clean colours, so feel the steel sculpture shot, especially the sky, has been over-manipulated. I now realise I was trying to emphasise the steel finish, but the colours went oversaturated.

Like Scott, I love mountains and open nature; and even living in Auckland City, beaches and open countryside are always close by. Thats why I love New Zealand!


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