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Lylet Soliven

Much crazy, such hungry, very cat




Hello. My chosen word is Happy because I thought I'd be able to play with its doodads (aka ascender, descenders, tail, etc) a lot, which is very fun, and also because Pharrell's goddamn song keeps playing around me lately.

I'm planning to do three styles, for triple happiness.

This is my first one:

My sketches are whatever, so sorry about that. Maybe look away and scroll down until you get to the final output. My process has always been 10% sketch and 90% Illustrator, sometimes no sketching at all; what I usually do is construct just the skeleton and just make it my reference, then I go back to it if ever I want to do something different from my original idea and want to see how it would look like first because destroying your already ok beziers is kinda painful.

This first one came to me pretty quick because I just wanted something really light and laidback-looking.

So there you have it. I feel uneasy about the swash of the 2nd p but from afar I think it works. Any suggestions/criticisms are most welcome. The other 2 to follow!

I'd like to thank Mr. Spencer for this class. Learning about grids and having to construct a letter by parts helped me a lot to get things done easier. I've been enrolled in this class since a month ago but only got to sit down to this one just today because I've been doing my caps exercise (check it out if you want, and thanks!). I'm not done with it yet and I've 10 more to do but I felt like finally doing this today. Had so much funnnnn.


Update: 2nd one done! Yay!

I was thinking of a summer-y Happy that is also reminiscent of candies, so there’s this:

I guess that looks more toothpaste than candy, but I think it works. I’m kind of unsure about the H’s crossbar but I like how its leftmost extension interacts with its swashes. 

Also, this new one looks kind of similar to the first one (esp the Y) but I really like practicing curves; it challenges me in a lot of ways!


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