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Happy colors - paw paw cushion covers

Spring is in full swing here in Cape Town and in need for fresh colours I have newly decorated our lounge in happy orange tones. I have decided to print paw paw themed cushion covers to give our old brown sofa this happy feelings too - yum!


I have printed fisrt sample on a piece of paper. Working with three layers to give the print a bit more depth. The seeds are printed differently than the first two layers. I have cut out a stencil and applied the paint using a sponge. 

I think I still want to make the colours a little bit stronger.

Tip: Give each layer enough time to dry!


After some time of not having time to complete my project , I have revied my design and wasn't quite happy with it, so I grabbed my pencil again :-)


..and then my cutting knife..


...and because I was in the flow, I started printing on a lonely piece of natural hemp fabric lying in the corner..


...layer by layer...





...until it was done! Off to find a seamstress to turn it into summery cushion covers (matching the hot Cristmas weather here in South Africa). What do you think?



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