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Happy as a Clam at High Tide

Hello all,

I always say happy as a clam when I am happy and annoying ... then I clap my hands together and mimic a clam. So it seemed fitting to use this phrase. Sadly, I didn't know where the phrase originated until I started this research!

DEFINED: Happy as a clam: To be exceedingly happy and content.
The full phrase is "happy as a clam at high tide." Clams can only be dug up at low tides, so at high tide a clam is safer and secure, so therefore, happy.

So there you have it ... Now I hope this project turns out well, so I can be happy as a clam when it is finished! :)

Word research:

From that came a Design Board - I like the idea of happy swirly type mixed with a vintage, nautical theme.

Then from there: Color --- Loving these color palettes below:

I started going through more of the videos. I think the last time I drew with pencil was in college! It feels nice to dust off the old skill. haha. And it is way more fun to draw letters then it is to draw still life and people! :)

I went digging through all my old art supplies and had everything I needed to get started, including some pretty snazzy pencils with different levels softness.

I have a lot of learning and refining to do, but I do like hand lettering, so I hope to keep with it.

Below is what I did:

UPDATE: I worked on more lettering, then started my thumbnails. I think now that i am sketching it might be nice to play with the vintage postcard look mixed with those old shirts from the 80's (Califonia with the sun) ... I am thinking about the sun radiating with "Happy" around it, mixed with some water to represent the high tide. So that there is a nice horizon somewhere in the composition. I hope that isn't too literal. I think it will all be in the execution ...

just need to get some practice/reps in! :)

Update: 11/19/13

Well, my more detailed sketches did not go as well as I wanted them to. I can say for a fact that I am not a good sketcher! :)

Option 1: Starting to look too much like a badge/logo and less like a poster/print composition.

Option 2: A little more simplistic in the illustration and concept side of the world, but I think it has more potential for a better composition as a print. Want to play more with the rope wrapping around the type and hanging through the anchor. And play with making "clam" sit better with the waves.

UPDATE 12/11 - Below is a little more refined. The anchor is more of a focal, and the rope wraps about the letters. Still figuring out the bottom half of the drawing.

UPDATE 12/20:

After some great feedback, I went back to the compass and roap idea. And Then I think I got somewhere.

It's no where near perfect, but I am just going to go with it! For my first hand lettering project, I feel pretty good about it.

Below is the final coloring ...I scanned it, vectorized it in Illustrator, and colored it in Photoshop. I then printed it on a 100# cover ivory stock to give away as prints to close friends and family for Christmas. I finished just in time!

I loved this process, and the class. Thanks Mary Kate!


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