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Happy Thoughts: First Surface Pattern Design

For this class, Bonnie asked us to find things in nature that inspired us, but in order to keep it simple I went with my immediate thoughts- My favorite things, which also includes some simple nature pieces.

First of all- I was super impressed with the extensive shortcuts and tool descriptions. I wanted to make sure to practice with a lot of the tools I was introduced to within the lesson. (Thanks Bonnie for the awesome tips and tricks!)

So I started out with some super simple sketches

I went through some of my old Instagram photos and took some shots of some pretty plants I found on my hike yesterday for my color palette:

And when I felt like I had enough I turned them into simple illustrations, colored them and started building my pattern:

Which was a lot of fun! It's neat to see the progress of your own work come to life and be able to change the colors so swiftly!

Here is the final simple pattern that I came up with:

And in another color:

The objects I chose weren't the best for a motif, but to demonstrate and give it a shot I put together a few anyways: 

And here is the pattern I came up with for that. This was a little more difficult and I tried to use the stars to blend it together and give it a bit more movement. It could use a little bit of work still, but for all intesive purposes, I think it turned out okay.

This class was awesome! I'm so glad I took the time to watch the whole thing. I took tons of notes and learned so much about Illustrator and pattern design and I can't wait to see what else I can come up with!

Oh! And hey minz is what I use for social media! Feel free to follow along @heyminz !

Thanks for checking out my work! Holler if you have any questions :)



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