Happy Quarantine from Texas, USA!

Happy Quarantine from Texas, USA! - student project


Greetings from Fort Worth, Texas! Abiding by quarantine rules, I've focused my energy back on my art and wanted to get re-inspired to do some inky illustrations. I had such a fun time learning along with Dylan. I know the project asked to make 4 postcards, but I couldn't help myself and I made 8! 


For this project, I wanted to keep my supplies simple: Speedball Blank Ink, one nib pen, one calligraphy brush, Faber-castell 0.1 pen for any mistakes, Blackwing pencil. 


I recently moved to Texas to live with my boyfriend's family, and I've really enjoyed learning more about his childhood home. Most of the illustrations are still shots of scenes that I find heartwarming about my new home. 

Banana Warm-up:









Texture Practice:














Reference Photos:




















Thumbnails: (highlighted in yellow are the chosen ones)



I sketched everything out with a Blackwing pencil. After that, I inked the main lines with the nib pen and followed up with the brush for shading/values. 

















Final Postcards (In order of completion):

The Bristol paper I used was pretty old and yellowing. That's why the corners have that yellowish tinge. 



In this image below, I changed up my process. I only sketched the big shapes, then followed up with painting in the values. I didn't sketch any of the objects. I used a Pilot 0.5 pen and drew as I went. In hindsight, I prefer inking with a nib pen because there's so much more control over the line thickness.  It was a great experiment to know exactly what I like to do. :-) 


Michelle Ramirez

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