Happy Pineapple

Happy Pineapple - student project

My project idea came from a small obsession that I have with a product called Squishables. They recently just came out with a Pineapple plushy that is just way too adorable. It's been on my mind, so I took the idea of their happy pineapple and used it for the basis of my project. 

Happy Pineapple - image 1 - student project

To complete the leafy top of the pineapple, I manipulated long triangles by overlaying them and using the Pathfinder tools. To create the pineapple base, I created a diamond shape and the round corners too to start.  Then I used that shape to create a grid pattern so I had equal spacing between each diamond. Once I completed my grid of diamonds, I used the fisheye tool to bubble it out into the round shape you see. I created the face just by manipulating some circles and ovals.

Happy Pineapple - image 2 - student project

Overall, I don't think it's as adorable as the plushy, but I still think it's pretty cute! Using all of the other wonderful tools Illustrator has definitely made this project a lot easier than using just the pen tool.

Thanks for sharing this class with us!

Sara Lewis
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