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Happy Noddle

My idea was to create a logo for a noodle and sushi bar. I gathered some reference of bowls, noodles and chop sticks.  

Ideas and Sketches

I started by looking at the shape of the bowl, adding the two lines on the bowl lead me to see the bowl as a smiley face. I the started to investigate the idea of making a face out of the bowl. I stated to incorporate the chop sticks in to the design which created the eyes. I still was thinking in needed a containing shape. Playing the the shape of a heart and adding the twist in the middle created a nose and then a containign shape that made the outline of the face.

The Design

Taking the sketches I started to work up the idea. Once I started to create the logo the face started to become more apparent withing the design creating a nice simple mark. The type I wanted to find something that was rounded and I felt a scrpit type face may suit best.

Additional Idea

This is another idea I came up with and an animal. I didnt continue with it as another student already did a panda. Here is my concept.


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