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Happy Mothers Day

This is my first try at this sort of thing.  I decided to do some kind of bird.  I drew some birds on the whiteboard and then liked this one of the mom goose leaning in close to her little chick.

Initial sketches on the whiteboard

I never know what to do about backgrounds.  I can usually come up with a cute little character that I'm happy with but I'm always stumped as to what to do with him next.  How to put them in a background that doesn't overpower the character or make him look out of place.  I'm kind of stuck on that problem.

Background experiments

I found some frames with a bit of depth to them at Goodwill, so I picked those up and used one of them here.  I also picked up a pack of assorted papercraft papers at Michaels.  I totally forgot to use any paint!

Final piece

I think I could maybe try something with more detail than this now.  I think the paper colors that came in the pack might be too strong.  Also, paint might help it out.  :)

I wanted the chick to appear fuzzy - so I glued some fibers from the dryer lint onto him!  :)

It's great to have a little contest as a motivator.  Whether you win or not doesn't really matter, it's just really helps to have someone else asking you to finish it by a certain date. 


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