Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day! - student project

Happy Mother's Day! - image 1 - student project

I love, love Libby's work and this one is inspired by the sweater animation (the one that a person keeps on slipping on ever-larger sweaters that got topped off with a scarf). I wanted to try introducing different kids saying happy Mother's Day (in sign language, of course - see below for an earlier example of an animation including sign language).

The frame animation in Photoshop introduced in this class basically opened up a whole world for me. And the ability to draw first in Procreate then animate in Photoshop... is absolutely perfect for me.


ROAD TRIP! (first project based on this class) 

Happy Mother's Day! - image 2 - student projectI love how Libby distilled the lesson into something extremely doable! I was at a loss how to animate in Photoshop and Libby's step by step instructions are just perfect.


This animated gif shows the kids signing in ASL (one says "incredible!", another says "look!" and 3rd kid says "wow!"). Now let's hope I can export this animated composition into Abbey Lossing's animation for illustration project.