Happy Harvest

Happy Harvest - student project

This recipe was submitted last fall for They Draw and Cook. It was made traditionally using painted, hand-cut paper, and ink. I wasn't sure how this piece would translate for this project since the elements were combined onto a single sheet.Happy Harvest - image 1 - student project

I knew I wanted to keep the hand painted feel as well as the squirrel and some of the fruits, vegetables and nuts. Since I couldn't use the cut paper garland and vines I created one by traditionally drawing then digitizing. I also made some line art wheat and acorns,

Happy Harvest - image 2 - student project

Happy Harvest - image 3 - student project

This assignment was a great challenge and gave me a new perspective when trying to assemble a collection. Keeping an eye towards "value" was so helpful and will change the way I work!!

Thanks Ohn Mar Win, this was a terrific class! Very appreciated!

Jean Ruth
illustrator and designer