Shravan K.

Director of Technology & Client Services



Happy Harmone

Happy Harmone is the place where you capture, keep, collate and rekindle your Happy Memories. Life gives you many opportunities to seek and enjoy happiness or happy moments.

Our primary mission is to help you capture each and every Happy Moment of your life.

When you collect your happy times and revisit them, it triggers the most essential harmones that enhances your life expectancy and multiple studies have shown that those happy moments (remembering them and rekindling them in your mind) causes you to live much longer.

There are multiple scientific studies done where the 3 key harmones or chemicals - produced by the brain Dopamine, Seratonin, Oxytocin - are so good to your body, spirit and mind that they'll enhance your life expectancy and help you lead a fulfilled, happy, contended and harmonious life.

Our mission is to help you capture, revisit, remember, rekindle every Happy Moment of your life and hopefully help you live a long, fun filled, cherished and enjoyable life!

Coming soon to a Happy Place (Not Disneyland) on your iOS, mobile device - and in many forms -allowing you to capture every happy moment of your life.

Our concept is going through an early stage evaluation. Iteration Zero.

NOW - Stop for a moment - Think about 1 or 2 Happy Moments beginning from your Childhood Days. Think about those times, visualize your mood at that time. How you felt. Imagine capturing that moment - and every other happy moment of your life and revist them with yourself, your friends, family. Those moments are the most cherished ones, if you agree! Let us know how you felt and what you think about this concept!


HH Team :) - Keep your smiles alive!


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