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Oscar Perez

Get Up. Smile.



Happy Guy Clothing

Adults smile an average of 20 times a day, happy adults that is...some kids smile as many as 400 times a day. Most smiles are a result of another smile. Why not smile? 

Happy Guy Clothing is the name of the brand.  We wanted to personify the emotion every human wants to feel in this life and that is the feeling that results from being Happy. Happiness is a subjective emotion, however, we know a smile is the universal language for Happiness. With that being said we believe our logo is more than a simple illustration of a smile, this happy face delivers a message. That message is one we all can relate to and that is that no matter what obstacles we face in life we always have to face them, get up, smile, then move on, and help others do the same. Smiles spread happiness in our book. Happiness is infectious. Do you agree? 

The logo personifies happiness and us as an individual. It's a distressed happy face with many imperfections that symbolize the everyday person going through life’s struggles. It has battle scars like most of us. It's imperfections make it perfect. At the end of the day, we all have to "Get up. Smile."

We embarked on this journey of expressing our hardwork and emotions through our brand in September 2013. There has been long nights and slow mornings with a lot of coffee to make this  passion/dream a reality. As a brand we are inspired by individuals like you who choose to chase a dream just like us. The "Happy Guys" strive to make people happy along the way by delivering great designs and great products. As a team we will spread happiness as we continue this journey of achieving that emotional state of mind  "Happy". Check us out. (links below)


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