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Happy G-day

While following this third class by Meg, I tried to practise with a photo I had on my computer, before I would start on a 'serious' b-day card.

This is the picture I snatched from Tumblr the other day.

I had a busy week, and today I wanted to do the 'serious' b-day card. But when I looked at the dude on the right (that I already had cut out using the pen tool), I couldnt stop smiling for some reason. So I decided to go that way. Out of context he look just really happy. I don't know why I thought about pineapples but they make me happy too. So I searched for a nice wallpaper on the internet. I found this:

I used it as a background. The birthday wish I did in a type called Blackmoor, I believe, since he looks so gangsta with the oversized gun. This is the result:

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