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Happy Everything! 2-week Session

WOW! I can not believe I have finally posted a project.  You have no idea how many classes I have taken and not completed the project.  I am a self taught graphic artist (that sounds way too professional).  This is actually my VERY FIRST MOODBOARD to make. I am thrilled! I think I did it!

The theme for my class project is "Happy Everything!"  About 6 months ago our family, my husband and our 4 boys, experienced a MAJOR LIFE CHANGING situation.  We actually are still in the middle of it. Because of this I have not been well.  Sad, shocked, depressed, scared etc.  But I am holding my chin up and clinging ever so tightly to my Faith that everything is going to be ok.  Because of the unpleasant emotions I/we have been experiencing, I decided to choose this theme.  I yearn for HAPPY again. Happy ANYTHING! I chose images as well as color that represented "happy" to me.  I hope to create a fabric collection as well as various stationary items for my project.  


The mood board took WAAAAY too long, but considering it was my first I guess that is ok.  Now I must hustle and get some sketches done.  I HAVE TO COMPLETE THIS CLASS! -insert smiley face!


Oh yall, I was so sad!  Deadline came and hit me like a train.  I had been depressed for three days by the time deadline got here.  I had attempted my sketches many times but - nothing!! Self doubt  came screaming in and I just sat there, frustrated every time!  I knew I needed to get started Monday (two days before deadline) and that night I sat there depressed.  Just flat out down.  I laughed at myself and thought, HAPPY EVERYTHING? You're kidding, RIGHT?  Why did I choose this theme?  I was too depressed to brainstorm ANYTHING HAPPY.  So, I gave up.  Well the next day came and I was incredibly busy and at it was like 2 and a half hours before midnight ( I was REALLY hoping I had until midnight) so I frantically posted a message to Elizabeth asking for what time zone I had to use. HA!!

After our WONDERFUL teacher basically said just get it uploaded before I wake up in the morning, I started sketching!  


Scanned into illustrator, vectorized then played aroud.  UNTIL.......I ran into MAJOR problems with some patterns I wanted to create.  

Below you will see the roadblocks that stopped me dead in my tracks.  Hoping to find out how to troubleshoot the problems I have come across.  

Any help will be appreciated! ALSO, Color palette is not developed yet. 





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