Happy Eid

Happy Eid - student project

Hello Homie, really enjoyed your class. Went through it twice. Big fan of your illustrations. Now also a fan of your teaching style.

As we recently celebrated Eid, made this poster/greeting card for this festival.

Something amazing that I noticed while I was doing the illustration that I really immersed myself into creating this. Hours went by but I didn't feel fatigued. Was enjoying making even those slight adjustments. Man! I should make illustrations more often.

I think, I still lack significantly in the lighting and shadow part. Highlight feels too white while shadow doesn't feel right. I used your illustrations as reference yet could not be fully satisfied with my effort in this area.

Please give some feedback.

btw me and my friend share this account. My name is Tangil aka tangillustrator 


As you can see I am a great drawer
Happy Eid - image 1 - student project 

flatHappy Eid - image 2 - student project

Changed the bg color 

And gave it a try

Happy Eid - image 3 - student project