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Tina Jett

Artist & Vintage Dealer



Happy Camper Caramels

Happy Camper Caramels... Just made it up. The vibe of this packaging is vintage-meets-modern camp style. I'm envisioning recycled paper packaging, pillow box or regular box style, with a string or paper tape band around it. The label would be on a paper sticker, on top of the band, in the center of the box.



Final drawing...

I definitely wanted a script font for "caramels", both to break up the other type and to be a little flowy, like caramel. That said, I am not 100% happy with the type I came up with for it. And this is why I am also about to take the Skillshare class on hand-drawn type. :)

Clean up and color...

I shifted and clarified some elements in Photoshop before coloring, as well as adding hatch marks on the cross bars above and below "caramels". I was going to add some color to the flag, but nothing seemed to look better than just leaving it as an outline.

Final packaging...

I made the non-colored parts transparent and superimposed the logo onto a kraft paper background, which is what I would have it printed on. This was then placed on top of a box that would be sealed around with a strip of orange striped washi or paper tape. Which would last about five seconds before I opened it and ate them all.

I definitely am more comfortable with drawing by hand than I am using a tablet with or without Adobe Illustrator. The added physical control helps to really get that personalized feel. Thanks to Jon for your insight into this fun process!


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