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Happy Cacti Family

Thanks, Steph, for a great class!!! I learned so much. Thank you for the recommendations for the third party Procreate brushes. They really made a difference in my drawing enjoyment. I am used to using Kyle T. Webster brushes in Photoshop, and these are similar. I also loved seeing your process as it is pretty close to the one I use in Photoshop as well. So it was really an education to seeing how you can do the same things in Procreate. I love using Procreate because it is so portable! And the Time Lapse feature is so fun. Also, loved your tip on creating a separate palette layer for when/if we export to PSD!! 


I will recommend this class to everyone I know who wants to learn Procreate.


Here’s my image — starting sketch:48301174


Final image:0760aa1f


Unfortunately I don’t have a time lapse version here because I didn’t have the correct settings in my preferences. So I could not save a version which I could post online! I have since changed the setting and so future projects will be able to be saved and posted. :) 



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