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Happy Buttons

update 12/11/13:

Created some product views for my pattern. When designing this pattern, I was imagining it to more on a business/greeting card or on a notebook :)

Bussiness card: This I decided to use the colorway with the green background to compliment the logo colors. Here is a preview of my own mock-up business card. 

Greeting card: For the birthday card, I went for the orange color. Its happy and bright. 

Notebook: I used a more neutral background color for the notebook/sketchbook design. 


Colorways, which one you guys like best? :








Hey all I just started working on my project today and here is what I came up with! 

I decided to create a happy buttun pattern design. Showing the details and cuteness that I love from buttons! I want it to be colorful, whimsical, cute, and happy. I think this pattern could be used as gift wrap for baby showers, birthdays, or any nice occasion. 

Here is where I started before cutting, coloring, and everything:

Then cut, tape and filled in the edges and added some color! I also outlined all the pencil marks with a darker black pen. 

Here is the what came out from the scanner:

Cleaned everything in photoshop, and here is my finished repeat tile:

Repeat pattern test :

I really like how it turned out. Will be testing different colors ways soon on my next update! 


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