Happy Bumble bee

Happy  Bumble bee - student project

Normally I am saying that the photo looks better than the painting, but this time, the painting is way better than the photo.

I absolutely love this been I am going to paint a million of him.  There are a lot of areas for improvement on this little guy, but I did not practice first. I am too impatient. I love his little imperfect body. I really like how the brown and yellow mixed. It was too warm here so I could not get the grey down fast enough plus, he is pretty big) but I will do it again. 

I didn't love the lavender so I tried to fix it. That went down hill fast, but I don't care. I really enjoyed this project!



Happy  Bumble bee - image 1 - student project


There is something wrong with me. I said I loved him, then I went back and fiddled with him. I still love him, but I need to stop when I am done! Same bee, more black. Lost that lovley watercolor color mixing.


Happy  Bumble bee - image 2 - student project


I spent some time watching tv an drawing/painting bees. I guess I should do one or the other, not both at the same time!

My my bumblebee looks like a bee/firefly hybrid!

Happy  Bumble bee - image 3 - student project