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Happy Birthday to my Daughter

Hello, My name is Colo

I just bought the other day 2 brush pen at TIGER...

I thought great way to make this workshop and learn about how to use them. But my problems started as soon as I opened the pack, the thin one is dry...ohhhh!

Well I started using the big one....but it was cheap and I noticed that the sharp end doesn't return to the start position and my thin lines looks fat...ohhhhh again!


Then I started to write the abc.... because I am seeing that the pen is going worst....


and then the lettering...I know I need to practice but my pen is horrible and it is getting worst....


it means "Happy 8 years Nerea"...we are very closed to her birthday date...

And finally, an extra, I took a picture and cut the letterrs and paste it in a collage with some watercolors I made few days ago and in order to make a birthday card for her.


1) the class excellent, I love the way Andrea writes so free and natural.

2) I need to buy new pens, good ones.

3) Definitelly I will practice in order to be better.

ahhh the 3 rd alphabet I had chosen is...Madina Script


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