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Anisa Sagynova

Graphic Designer & Illustrator



Happy Birthday card!

Hi all!

Thank you for the wonderful class Amarilys! I really enjoed it.

Initially I wanted to create a Happy Birthday card for my husband, so I kept this in mind while choosing the type and watercolor pallete.

I liked the Baskerville font, so I decided to go with it.


I then painted it with watercolor:


And converted it to vector:



I then proceeded to the card placing "Happy Birthday Esen!!" phrase at the centre (Esen is my husband's name) and our daughter's works around it to make it more sincere and memorable. My daughter is almost 4 years old (will be in May) and drawing is her hobby since 6 months old :)) So, I scanned all her best works and gave them black and white effect by Adjustment---> Level. That's it.


Thank you!

Anisa ^_^


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