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Caro Laina

Graphic Designer



Happy Birthday Sailor!

Hello there!

My name is Carolina, quite new to Skillshare but totally obsessed with it and with all the good information and classes that make me feel like back when I was studying Design. Faye, I enjoy so much your classes and how clear you are when explaining everything! (thank you thank you!) 

So for this project, I'm very into the sea and the nautical design (for the class "Branding your Creative Business" I'm planning to pursue also that direction). I chose the Typographical Pattern, with the idea of a gift paper inspired in some simple nautical icons and only 3 words.


So first I draw some ideas on paper, then I draw them directly on Illustrator.



So for the pattern, I tried first some very simple diagrams, very square, and then, I started playing around with the stars, to kind of fill the empty spaces. But then, of course, it looked too messy.



I tried vertical and horizontal orientation, and apart, I tried to use diagonals to see if the pattern became a bit more dynamic. It's the first time I make a project of this kind and I'm quite satisfied, although I know I have a long way to learn how to balance better type and color!

Sea you soon ;)


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