Happy Accident - True Grit

Happy Accident - True Grit - student project

I am very related to the phrase "happy accidents" so I chose that as the inicial idea. I had in mind the face of woman and then I thought this woman should be a mermaid. But when I was transferring the image to photoshop something I did, not planned, happened and the image of the woman's face had a black square in the middle. It looked damaged and abstract and for some reason I loved it. So I worked the "happy accidents" idea with the pieces of the drawing of a mermaid and a mistake in the shape of a (now) blue rectangle on her face.

I took some pictures, use an old tooth brush and ink and used the idea of damaged paper. 

Happy Accident - True Grit - image 1 - student project

This are two of the textures I came up with:

Happy Accident - True Grit - image 2 - student project

Also, I used as inspiration Alejandro Jodorowski's book called Fábulas Pánicas, I love the style and color used there (image on the left) and an old punk poster I have (image on the right).

Happy Accident - True Grit - image 3 - student project

And this is the final messy poster:

Happy Accident - True Grit - image 4 - student project