Happy 1st Birthday Sophie!


As I wrote on my project for "The first steps of Hand Lettering: Concept to Sketch", I chose "Happy first birthday" because I wanted to make a cover for a photo album I did for my god daughter's first birthday. 

My final sketch was this one:

Since this was my first time doing something like this, Mary Kate's tips were all reaaaally helpfull.

I inked the sketch in layers:

I ended up using only the candle's "wax" from the skecth above.

I actually didn't experimented that much with colors. I kind of wanted something with light colors and I know that my best friend, Sophie's mom, really liked pink and lilac.

So this is my final piece:

And this was the whole book cover. The back part is covered with the colored serpentine :) Hope they will like it. They're only getting it by the end of August!

Did you like it? Please tell me what you think! 

Critics are welcome!


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