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Happy 1st Birthday Sophie!


I really loved Mary Kate's class. It was the first time I heard about her or did something like this. I'm an architect from Brazil and that's probably why :) But since the class, I've been obsessed with her work and lettering. 

Before I started this project, I had a goal - create a cover for a photo album I made for my god daughter's first birthday.

I started with my mood board and key words and ended up with the obvious title I guess:

"Happy first Birthday, Sophie"

So, I tryed a few different types, just to see how I was with the hand lettering. I've never done this before so I didn't know what I was or was not able to do. I chose the word "happy".

From there, I sketched "a few" thumbnails. I think I might have done a little to much, hehe.

And I kept on sketching.. I had a lot of fun!

At this point, I kind of wanted to stick with the "happy" from the last sketch on the left, so I tryed a couple more diferent options.

I was really liking this "happy"lock up, but I thought I should try enlarging a different one too.

So I did this one:

And this one:

After a lot of sketches, I decided to go with this one, which I really liked after all.

Hoping to know what you think about the final Sketch!! 

Thank you :)


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