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Myra ...

painter and writer



Happiness is here poster

I've worked on this project from time to time because it's a favorite!

First time and the beginning of my art!

 I love nature! There' s something about playing outside, going for a walk with my dog that makes me happy. I wanted to capture this in my art.

It would be awesome to have the happy be decorated in wood to complete the whole nature theme. I chose a blue bird because they are beautiful. I just imagine singing birds. 




It's been a year. I want to redo this project to see how my skills improve.

Here is my mood board. I love block letters











Okay so I wasn't feeling too comfortable posting this just yet but I need feedback so here goes.

First I went back to the basics with practicing letter forms and in the back of my mind going over these block letters. Happiness seems too large of a word for me to work with so I want to change the word to Joy. The mood I want to convey is a playful one. Joy can be found in the simplest of forms like music, plants, flowers and animals. I also want to capture the fun of being a kid.

Here are some sketches.




practicing the fonts you shared with us in the bonus. I love ornate styles. This

lead me to really think about my piece and so far I have come up with this sketch.



the o would be a ball, and the y would be a tree trunk and the j would be an instrument.

Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

Here is the final sketch and some sketching I  did.. I may make some more changes,


I like this better and feel my work improving. Thank you Mary for these classes.


I am ready to begin working on part 2 of this class. I need to take time and learn how to use photoshop. 

Or so I thought....June 20, 2016

I like the idea but not sure it quite captures what I want to say. 

My direction is well-I think about the children who when you say okay lets play. They go wild and have so much fun. I started thinking about how easy it is for them to be happy. That's it!   Happiness is all around us for the taking and its free for us to share with others. 

Mood board again.  (  What in nature is amazing? What brings a child joy?)





color ideas



This one is amazing. I'd say it's exactly what I want, but don't have the skill to pull it off. 




Certainly fun and playful!



Update again!


 Now for the second part of the class which is color head here


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