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Happier than a bird with a french fry

'Fickled' doesn't even describe it. I went through multiple styles (and got a lot of practice :D) before settling on this style. I'm 90% finished. Of course there is cleanup to do and a few tweaks here and there. Have to get 'Illustrator Happy' with it.
But until then, thoughts?
(P.S. That shadow above 'French' is the binding of my sketch book'


I have no clue where I heard this, but when I did, it stuck!
I'm a firsst time typographic sketcher (is there a techical term for you masterminds?) and I went crazy for a few weeks trying just researching the type of type (haha.) I wanted to use to express this phrase. So where do you go to collect all this imagery? Pinterest, of course! Made a board for chalkboard typography and fell in love with certain aspects of multiple artists, but especially Dana Tanamachi.
She creates that type of work that makes you stare and wonder how they did it in Photoshop/Illustrator (???).
All hand made baby! A TRUE artisan. With chalk and a wet a rag in a few hours. Brilliant.

First assignment: When I started to throw out the words associated with my quote, I thought about my city and how the seagulls were BOLD! They would steal a corndog out of your hand and CAW!CAW!CAW! (or HA!HA!HA!) away with it.
I know it was 'Hahaha!'. Rat scallywags.
So the words such as, "escape", "cunning", and "patient" almost immediately came to mind.

Playing with the typeface was a WHOLE other challenge! Like I said, I spent weeks Pinteresting different styles and playing around.

I was not happy with mine vs. theres. But practice helped A LOT!
My main concern with the type is that it represents the "feeling" I'm trying to convey within the quote as well. And it all has to come together cohesively.
I'm wondering as I'm piecing it together:
1) What is the max different font types that one should do?
2) Do you keep with all serif and exclude san serif? Or free-for-all?

Then I realized that I was thinking about "unnecessary rules" way too much and to just draw! So I did. And I'm getting better.

It's small progress, but progress all the same. I never usually sketch like this, for it's foreign territory for me, but EXCELLENT practice for future endeavors!
I KNOW I will be done with  my final sketch either by the end of this weekend or the end of next week.

Peace, love and corn dog grease.


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