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Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin

This is my investigative/note-taking page, writing down keywords and concepts. So many nuggets are in this book it was hard to pinpoint one direction!

Second page of rough sketches. Some ideas feel so obvious! I'll sleep on it.

Am trying the keyhole direction; thanks for the helpful feedback Heather! You were right, i needed to find a good 'R'. The counter on Cooper Black is tall and narrow so it's working better than other typefaces I tried (Gotham and Bodoni). Again, the key in the hole is looking naughty, so I'm leaning toward the other version. Needs some flourish/texture/some interesting details.

Because the location of the author's home (NYC) plays such a huge role in the book, I decided to include that element. Skyline is a bit cliche', but i think it works. The color purple is dictated by a moment in the book where she says everyone should have something purple in their house (in this case, it would be this book cover!). But, I'm not sure if it should be ALL purple?

And here it is - final mock-up! This project was so fun.


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