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Current Slogan:
Scheming while you're sleeping.

January 2012

Operating out of:
San Francisco & San Diego

, to take place, to occur, to come into being. Make things happen, why wait? Waiting for the better things in life just isn't in the plan. Working towards someone else's dream isn't in the agenda. Happen is a brand aimed at seeing what initiative can achieve. 

The idea of Happen has been around for a couple of years but its formal launch was January 2012. For the most part, it was only a matter of finally concluding on actually calling it Happen. You could say, the brand came about as a result of impatience, because after a while, waiting just didn’t seem like a viable option anymore. On somewhat of a personal level, Happen is a project that will never finish or be perfected and that’s how it should be.

For a little more personal look, watch this short interview:


Target Audience:
Streetwear enthusiasts and those part of the culture as well as anybody who may embody the lifestyle and message of Happen.. Many have been sneakerheads, skaters, athletes, musicians, artists, other brand owners. The demographics of consumers so far have varied from men to women, from kids in high school to people with full time jobs, and people within the United States to consumers worldwide. 


Here is the most recent release from Winter, consisting of a small capsule collection:

Some previous releases:


Updated July 26

New items available 8/1


Updated July 29

Summer is nearly over and Happen is overdue for some new products. A Side Called West consists of an embroidered snapback and hand dyed tie-dye tees. The graphic is a flip of A Tribe Called Quest’s logo done by Dave Scilken, re-imagined as an image representative of westside lifestyle whether it be cruising on your bike, pushing on your skateboard, listening to some music, or firing up the barbecue. It felt appropriate to do this kind of thing with Tribe’s laid back vibes being the perfect backdrop to a chill summer. The tie-dye colors are pulled from the Midnight Marauders album and being a recent college graduate, the fact that the song Award Tour is on the album made it feel right. Both the snapback and tee will be available 8/1.


Anticipated Fall 2013 Collection "Lesson Learned"

The Lesson Learned collection is inspired by education in a formal and informal sense. Spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on institutionalized education is meaningless unless it is put to practice therefore experience is the best teacher. This collection sums up ideas of patience, independent thinking, street smarts vs. book smarts, seeing the bigger picture, and other ideas.

Each tee is anticipated to be priced at $24-$25 a piece, hoodie at $56, and beanie at $12-15.

Thank you for taking time to read up on Happen.

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