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Happehatchee: a hidden retreat

Happehatchee is a Eco-center in Estero, Florida. My favorite thing about the center is their Yoga classes. In order to reach the classes you must cross the Estero river on a unstable bridge made of wood and rope. Once on the other side, you go down to the second floor of a two story wooden hut. The classes are small and they only ask for a $5 dollar donation (trust me, i've tried to give them more.) It's a hidden retreat that's extremely rare amongst other costly yoga studio's in the area.



For the design, I began by seeing what would naturally come from writing out the word Happehatchee out in different ways. One of the first shapes that naturally came out was in the H. It seemed to be perfect to make a bridge out of. The vertical strokes would be the rope and the horizontal stroke a piece of wood.


After flushing out the original ideas, I thought about how to use the river in the design. As I began playing around with the river idea, I realized I could use the rope as its border.



Round one: Pen tool 1 me .... More revisions to come




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