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Hannah's game plan

Step 1: Establish voice:

Who am I?





What do I have to offer?

Chronicle my journey through bi-monthly goals/recaps: as well as my journey being an indie author.

Voracious reader - rather than doing book reviews I prefer participating in book challenges and readathons. I also participate in twitter chats as well which are either writing or book related. Maybe I should make something like this? Might be for later down the track.


Merge ‘em!

I’m going to blog regularly about my indie journey by doing bi-monthly goal/recap posts along with informational posts about being an indie author. I regularly use a planner and other methods of keeping organised and can focus on organisation in these posts.

In regards to what I noted for Voracious Reader I think this comes more so to audience engagement.


Step 2: Create your content game plan.

Who is your target audience:

SFF/Fantasy-focused, ages 18+, diversity inclusive.

What service are you offering:

Regular blog posts chronicling my experiences as an indie author through bimonthly blog posts along with informational posts that also add to a resources section on my website.

Regular instagram posts that link through to twitter and facebook, related to reading and writing.


Where are you going to post your content:

On my blog and mainly instagram, a little bit on twitter.


When are you going to post your content:

Tuesdays for blog posts, every day for instagram and twitter.


How are you going to spread the word:

By using instagram and twitter to post when a post is up, a tweet of appreciation whenever there’s engagement.

Engage readers by continuing to be a part of the reading community through instagram and twitter but I need to up my communication with others in this regard.


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