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Hannah's Muse Montage

Here's the final video!  https://vimeo.com/63029704

I have been exploring ideas for what my muse is for the last two weeks. I’ve been carrying around my camera while strolling around the city and recording video of small moments I enjoy. I’ve also had conversations with friends and family about what their muses are and tried to pinpoint my own muse with some serious brainstorming sessions. What I have found so far is that my muse isn’t clearly one person, place, or thing. My muse seems to be fluid and elusive. It weaves in and out of my everyday experience. Sometimes it’s a piece of street music while walking through a city, or coming across a beautiful century old tree that is rooted in the middle of a bustling urban environment. Other times it’s an awesome conversation I have with a friend or a moment of solitude where I seem to find myself completely at peace. It’s these little bits and pieces of everyday life that inspire me.

I would like to patch together these moments of inspiration by recording conversations, getting images of the tree, taking videos of street performances and street art and so on. After capturing a variety of these special moments I would like to weave them into a cohesive work. It may turn out to be a sort of a meditation using sound bytes and images to piece together the many faces and forms of my muse.  It's an idea in progress...


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