Hannah Sanguinetti Instagram Improvement

Hannah Sanguinetti Instagram Improvement - student project

Hannah Sanguinetti Instagram Improvement - image 1 - student project

Here is the beginning of my Instagram clear-up operation. I have been on Instagram for a while and have never really managed to get any traction there. I suspect it doesn't help that I don't like social media and don't want to spend time hanging out there! I would like to use Instagram as a way to showcase my work and my working practices for now, and in the future maybe for selling prints and cards of my images.



Hannah Sanguinetti Instagram Improvement - image 2 - student project



I have really enjoyed the class so far and am feeling hopefull that I might learn to manage my account more effectively so that the time I spend there being social is well spent. So far I have removed images in the post feed that didn't fit too well with my ethos, rewritten my Bio and made an 'about me' highlight. Next I would like to use Later to plan my posts and stories, and to make some more highlights for my newly decided content buckets (I love this concept!).

Any comments or thoughts would be gratefully received, do come over
and find me on IG!


Thanks, Hannah


Hannah Sanguinetti
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