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Lynn Fay

Digital Designer



Hanging Around Los Angeles

I'm from the east coast and went to Los Angeles over the weekend to visit a friend. After awaking one morning SUPER early (I blame the jetlag) I decided to take this skillshare class while I waited for my friend to wake up. I got through the whole class before my friend got up and I told her about what I had learned. We decided to go on a photo scavenger hunt through Los Angeles, looking for cool shots that captured light, vanishing point, perspective and scale. Here's the result of that:

Perspective - Under the pier


Light - Afternoon Siesta in Santa Monica


Scale - In the land of the grapes


Color - Californian Breakfast


Thanks for the class and the inspiration! My friend and I had a lot of fun capturing these images around Los Angeles and honing our skills.

Feedback most welcome!


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