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Jessica Holt

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Hang In There, Baby

So, I've thought about this idea a lot and decided I don't want to use the old "cat in a tree" meme. I'm going to add some social commentary to it. I was thinking maybe an endangered species hanging on to earth. I've sketched out a panda draped over Earth with his little legs dangling and the button coming off the side of the earth. I'll upload later today and then I hope to start rendering it this weekend.

A girlfriend and I built a website in one night as part of a hack-a-thon (hangintherebaby.ca). Basically we came up with the idea, designed it, built it and made it live in a matter of a couple hours. It's simple but we're going to work on it once a month to improve it.

I work on the design while she codes. This month I want to work on improving the look of the button on the main page. I can't wait to take what I learn from this class and apply it to our project.

My Pinterest inspiration board can be found here: 


It should be noted, I want to be Jessica Hische more than anybody.


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