Handwritten Font

Handwritten Font - student project


I made a few adjustments and am offering this one as a freebie on my website: 

Handwritten Font - image 1 - student project

Handwritten Font - image 2 - student project


First of all, I thought creating a font was a huge endeavor - taking a massive amount of time and energy to complete. But, Christine is truly gifted at breaking down things I think are nearly impossible into something totally do-able. 

Second, the resources in this class are out-dated, but she still gave me enough info to overcome my fear of trying and got me started!

Handwritten Font - image 3 - student project
I made this font with Calligraphr and it was super difficult to make, I couldn't edit it like I wanted to and I didn't like it much at all! Plus, I was using the trial version which is severely limited. 

But, that lead me to investigate High-Logic Font Creator and FontForge. Which were also very complicated to learn and didn't like those much either. :)

Since I'm used to working in Illustrator, in the end, I decided to pay the one-time fee for FontSelf and - I  L O V E  I T  S O  M U C H.

Handwritten Font - image 4 - student project
I really want to explore font making more after using Fontself. I still used the print out templates from Calligraphr to try different writing styles, but it's so much easier for me to edit the actual letters in Illustrator. I'd highly recommend it to anyone experienced with Adobe Illustrator! 

Thanks for this class, it definitely got me started.
I'm excited to create more fonts!

Handwritten Font - image 5 - student project



Holly Davis

Graphic Designer / Illustrator