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Hands on healing after a mastectomy

Women have a breast removed (mastectomy) to have the best chance of recovering from their breast cancer. The medical treatments focus on saving life and clinics may help manage the emotional rollercoaster of dealing with the consequences of cancer these treatments eg dealing with hair loss,low immunity,  forgetfullness, nausea and low energy.

Across the world women are not standardly receiving specialized rehabilitation for the scar tissue associated with mastectomy surgery. They may be given arm exercises which indirectly stretches the very long scar on the chest. I have seen many women who have post mastectomy pain, are frightened to touch their chest after a mastectomy and may not have let their husband/ partner touch their chest. 

This course is designed to teach women to touch their mastectomy scar, to feel the changes in the skin and tissues of their chest and to record these changes. I will then teach a simple hands on treatment that can help soften scar tissue and support better physical recovery.

 The project will start with the completion of a standard scar tissue assessment form- which is not hands on. The second part of the project will be to use hands on skills for testing soft tissue flexibility at the mastectomy scar and then upload a video treating the skin and scar over the chest using a hands on technique taught in the class.

Uploading a video of this to the project gallery can be done discreetly and respecting privacy through selective videoing of the student's hand on their chest (face not included). For the student, accessing other student's videos will empower the women and facilitate the assessment and treatment skill being taught in the class.

a video of the mastectomy scar and the way it can be captured on video with privacy for the woman

This class and project may not meet the recommendations of "fun", however I could use words such as relief, empowerment, re-loving the body and community sharing for inspiration- which should well meet the guidelines of the skillshare platform.



Develop an assessment strategy to best evaluate your soft tissue recovery at the chest after a  mastectomy.

This assignment will teach you to feel the changes within your skin, fascia and muscles of the chest. You will create a record of the changes in the stretchability and flexibility of  tissues of your chest and  then identify if a barrier release technique can help you regain flexibility of tight tissues.



To upload your assessment of the mastectomy area and a demonstration of a barrier release technique to tight  tissue. This includes:


  • completion of a  scar tissue assessment
  • completion of your soft tissue assessment
  • optional short video of your skin and fascia assessment  over the mastectomy area.
  • optional short video of a successful release using the techniques provided.


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