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Hands are what make us human


(I'm Italian so please forgive my crooked English)

So... This is my first skillshare project and I loved it!

I took this class simply because I like letters and I like to play with them, and I like also painting, even if I haven't yet what you can call experience about it.

So, I thought a bit about which word to use... And I ended up with the word 'HANDS', because it's what here we all use to create and do what we like.

Seeing other projects I decided I didn't want to write the word only on one line, so at the beginning I thought of writing HAN and then DS in another line, but then playing a bit more with the word in my head i thought of dividing it in HA N DS to play with the N, and write it as 'N' and I think I went far from the pure meaning of the word and transformed it in a more non sense way and just used letters to have fun, and this is why I decided to write only the N in capital letters.

At this point I googled 'most popular fonts' or something similar, and I was attracted by Broadway, it was what I needed for minuscle letters.

For the N I didn't know what to do yet, but I knew I wanted to keep it simple.

So this is the first sketch:


After that, I prepared the layout.

I used my sketch paper to prepare the final version of the drawing cause my drawing skills are not so developed, so I knew I would have the need to erase many times and wouldn't have been able to reproduce a good version of it on the final support cause I have problem in maintaning the right proportions.


After drawing that I browsed other fonts to decide which one to use for the N. I found a very light font, called American Typewriter, which I tought was good to use for my maiuscle letter, in order to make it not too heavy.


I draw all the letters and their thikness, then I had the idea of making the minuscle ones thicker than the maiuscle one.

To prepare my board I didn't use gesso cause I dind't have in the house, but I had a transparent primer from Schmincke, so I used that one.

Then I painted a layer of very washed orange.

At this point I used graphite paper to transfer my drawing to the board.


And then I began layering.

As you'll see I had some white balancing problems with my photos so the colors appears quite altered in some of them.

I didn't use any particular reference picture or style, so I just began putting some color to see what I could like and what I didn't.




I understood that I wasn't going in any meaningful direction, and I decided to put on the minuscles some yellow, straight from the tube, just because i cannot follow all the rules, despite the result :P



And this is my final (even if maybe could seem not finished) version.

You can see that somtimes for me how shadows behave is still an unsolved question mark... Anyway I'm happy with my result!




This was my project!

Thank you so much Jeff, and thank you so much Skillshare! I don't know about you, but it thrills me thinking that I can follow a lesson from a professionist that lives in New york from my house which is in a small town in the middle of nowhere and that people from theorically all over the world can partecipate. Just WOW.

...Just, Jeff, make more lessons now, please! :D


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