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Vicky Jean-Louis

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Handmade label for my spice jars

I didn't have any interesting label project right now since I'm on maternity leave... so I decided to upgrade my spice cabinet. I'll hand write all spices with a ceramic/glass paint pen. 

So my mood board is on Pinterest.... Here's a couple of pictures of it.

wrote down all my spices that I'll need to create a label of:

Did a couple of different style:

Unsure if I like it....

might need to add more to the actual spice jar, to spice things up (haha)

went back and did more research.... Looked at 2 books I have on custom lettering and also looked at previous painted coffee mugs I did in the past:

Just remembered how it's hard to hand write on curved surface... And even harder in tight spaces. so for a small spice jar it will be hard. i'll need to find a solution... Unless you have one for me?

Vicky (the French Canadian outcast here!)


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