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Eric Douglas

Author, Journalist, Documentarian



Handmade coffee mug

I made this handmade mug out of a piece of log with my grandfather. We used a hand-powered drill to bore out the inside, cut the handle from a piece of scrap wood and then coated the entire thing in shellac. This was 1974 and I was 7 years old. 

My grandfather passed away years ago, but my project will be to interview my father for more details about his father. I want to get stories about his woodworking. 


What was your dad's full name? 

Where did he work growing up? 

Was he handy around the house? 

Do you have any memories about working with him in his wood shop? Tell me about one. 

What do you remember most about him? 

Those five questions should be enough to get the interview going. 


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