Handmade Watercolor Sketchbook

Handmade Watercolor Sketchbook - student project

Handmade Watercolor Sketchbook - image 1 - student project

For a while I was looking for A6 format sketchbook in my local stores, but couldn't find one. I never imagined that I could make my own from materials that I already have at home. I'm glad that I noticed this class on Irina Trzaskos Instagram. 

I made this A6 format book from 5 sheets of A3 watercolor paper, stitched it up with a basic needle and a polyester thread.

Real time stitching lesson was really helpful and easy to understand in order to follow along. 

The only difference that I made, I sew everything together and then glued on a scrap paper over the first and last page. I just liked to have a cover on the spine as well.

Handmade Watercolor Sketchbook - image 2 - student project

Thanks for this amazing class. I'll definitely make many more handmade journals with this method. :)