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Handmade Toy Packaging


I know I am behind here but here is the logo I created:

And this is how it will look on the package I am working on:

I am now working on copy and package design. I am going to upload my sketches as soon as I can.

First Post

Hi everyone! I am very excited to be taking this class!

My Product:

My idea is to design a package for handmade softies, created from children's drawings.

Brand name: Toy Me!

Here are some ideas for this project:

- the package should have an organic, handmade feel

- every toy is unique, so the package should be able to accomodate different shapes and slightly different sizes

- should not be too expensive

- it would be awesome if people could reuse the packaging as a toy house, for example. But I have to think about it more, as I think it would make it more complex and expensive.


Organic look and feel:

I like the idea of creating a package that could be used as a toy itself. This is not the best example designwise, but I think it illustrates the idea.

This is actually my favorite. I love how simple and cute it is. The bottom part could be adjustable, depending on the toy size.

And here are some examples of toys created from children's drawings:

As you can see, every toy is unique, so my packaging should reflect that and be


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