Handmade Cards

I found this class at the perfect time. I have been working on 12 designs commissioned by a friend for cards to send to her son. Originally we agreed that I would provide the digital files and she would get the cards printed herself. But thanks to this class I now know how to print them myself. Sorry for all of the pictures in this guide. But I really like looking through projects that include pictures, and descriptions of the process, so I like to provide that as well. 

I don't have Photoshop, and didn't care to purchase it, so I decided to create the printing guides in Procreate (where I do my designs anyways). 



I also created a canvas specifically for this card size. The whole canvas is 4.75"x6" to allow design room for a .25" bleed. The middle rectangle is 4.25"x5.5" to show where the card will be cut, and the inner rectangle is 3.75"x5" showing a .25" margin for text. 


Once the designs were finished, I added them, in new layers, to the printing guides. I also added my logo to the backs of the cards. 



My printer wasn't working, so I had Office Depot print the designs on 110lb cardstock. My photography needs some help, but I was super excited about how they looked printed out. I know how I could've taken better photos, but I was too excited to wait for a better opportunity. 


I rewatched the videos while I cut the cards and ended up using my paper cutter for both styles. For the full bleed I just dropped the blade onto the paper (instead of off of it) so that I could cut the card out without cutting the edges. 


I was a little more patient about taking photos of the folded cards. I went outside into a shaded area so that I could get better/even lighting. I tried to do a flatlay but it was too windy so I went with this hanging style. I think the pictures turned out better, but I know I still have room for improvement.e86e56f6



I prefer to use reusable materials in my own life and want to carry that over into my business. Instead of a plastic wrapper I used tissue paper and twine. Both of which can be reused, or even composted. I did a lot of research on "naked" cards and feel safe in my decision to skip the plastic. I also included a business card for the buyer to share with a friend. I plan on printing thank you cards that match my logo to include in the packaging. On the note I plan on writing something about my choice of packaging, a coupon for future purchases, and a big thank you. All of that will go into a rigid mailer and then get shipped off.15a07971

Here are all 12 cards I ended up making for my friend.



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