Handlettered cutting board and a pot for grandmother | Skillshare Projects

Handlettered cutting board and a pot for grandmother

My friend asked to write a phrase on a pot. This means "To our beloved grandmother". I decided to make a simple design, because the other side has a picture. 

I've made a sketch, than copied it to a tracing paper, turned it over, made a pencil trace on the back and then attached to my pot and traced again. Then I made outlines with permanent marker and filled in with acrylic paint. 


UPDATE: After a while I had inspiration to make next project! I had an old chopping board, my husband was trying to throw it out, but i kept it for some painting on it. Finally I have lettered something on it. 

After making sketch I've used photoshop mix app on my smartphone, ave put this sketch over a photo of a desk and decided to reduce the size. This is awesome tip, because you can not sketch multiple times on a painter board, but this allows to see final result quickly. I've painted this board with acrylic paint and made lettering with permanent marker. I needed to trace my sketch, so I've outlined my sketch from the other side with soft pencil, placed it over a board and then again outlined it to get soft pencil marks on the item. 



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